“The Key to Teaching”

(Saratoga, Bethlehem, Schenectady Spotlight   News Paper)

Flash Mob at Indiana University Auditorium

Performance at Indiana University’s TV Station

Recital at Jacobs School of Music, Indiana University

0:00 – 6:25  Piano trio: “So tired” composed by Bobby Timmons

6:33 – 11:36 Piano trio: “Good Morning, Mr. Basie” by Wataru Niimori

12:24 – 16:57 Solo:  “Ondo / Summertime” by Wataru / George Gershwin

18:13 – 24:43 with Vocal Jazz Ensemble “Our Delight” by Tadd Dameron, arranged by Wataru

24:58 – 32:18 with Vocal Jazz Ensemble “Bye-Ya” by Thelonious Monk, arranged by Wataru

33:17 – 40:35 Sextet “Spanish Suites I Fugue” by Wataru

41:06 – 47:90 Solo “Spanish Suites II Ballad” by Wataru

47:22 – 53:38 Trio “Spanish Suites III Blues” by Wataru

54:00 – 59:22 Trio “Song for Jessica” by Wataru

1:03:17 – 1:06:25 with Vocal Jazz Ensemble & Singing Hoosiers’ Band “Mess Around” by Ahmet Ertegun, arranged by Wataru


©2014 Wataru Niimori


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